Black Op Distortion

Inspired by an 80s-era op-amp-based distortion pedal, BlackOp Distortion offers massive crunch and power. Its hard-clipping drive can squeeze aggressive rhythm and lead tones out of soft- sounding vintage amps, and create surprisingly hard-edged tones when paired with more modern amps.

Eleven Rack description

The Pro Co Rat is one of the most popular overdrive effects boxes ever. We based our Black Op Distortion effect on a stock second edition Pro Co Rat pedal. Ours features three controls: Distortion controls the amount of overdrive in the amp, Filter attenuates the highs, and Volume controls the output gain. And it works great as part of a cascading chain of gain.


Black Op Distortion parameters and settings
  • Distortion
    • Controls the clipping level
    • 0 to 100%
  • Cutoff
    • Adjusts the cutoff frequency
    • 0 to 100%
  • Volume
    • Controls final output volume
    • 0 to 100%


Black Op Distortion is based on the Pro Co Rat


Pro Co Rat on

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