Originating from the act of pressing on the flanges of tape reels, and becoming even more popular with the advent of analog pedals, the Flanger effect can be coaxed into bell-like resonant sweeps, or add a silky, shimmering sheen. This effect works well when positioned before or after the amplifier in the signal chain. 

Eleven Rack description

To design our custom Eleven Rack Flanger effect, we listened to a variety of vintage and modern flange pedals, including models from MXR, Electro-Harmonix, and A/DA. Then we finally came up with our own custom design. It works great in front of or after the amp in the signal chain. And you won’t get the noise or limited frequency response of typical flanger pedals.


  • Rate
    • Manually set the modulation rate.
    • 0.01 -> 10.00Hz
  • Pre-Delay
    • Sets the amount of pre-delay, which changes the phase relationship between the dry signal and the delayed signal, with timbral results.
    • 0.0ms -> 12.0ms
  • Depth
    • Sets the amount of delay. The higher the setting, the more “jet-engine” artifacts will be introduced.
    • 0 -> 100%
  • Feedback
    • Sets the amount of signal fed back into the modulated delay. Higher settings introduce more ringing, whistling artifacts.
    • -100% -> +100%
  • Stereo
    • 0 -> 180 deg
  • Sync
    • Controls synchronization of the internal LFO to Rig tempo.
    • OFF/ON

Flanger parameters and settings


Flanger is an Avid custom effect

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