C1 Chorus

Based on a heavyweight late-70s analog chorus/vibrato pedal, CI Chorus offers warm, liquid modulation effects. In Chorus mode, the signal is routed through a modulated short delay, which is mixed with the dry signal, creating a washy, doubled sound. 

Eleven Rack description

The Boss CE-1 Chorus Ensemble was the first chorus effect to be produced in pedal form. Virtually every chorus pedal released since owes its heritage to this one, which delivers an unmistakable sound. Our emulation of a vintage Boss CE-1 unit captures both the chorus and vibrato modes, enabling you to synchronize the modulation rate to an adjustable tempo setting.


C1 Chorus parameters and settings
  • Mix/Width
  • Feedback
    • Sets the intensity and speed of the Chorus effect.
  • Depth
    • Sets the depth of the Vibrato effect, only when the Chorus/Vibrato switch is set to Vibrato. 
  • Rate
    • Controls the Chorus rate.


Based on the Boss CE-1 Chorus Ensemble


Boss CE-1 Chorus Ensemble on Reverb.com

Boss CE-1 Chorus Ensemble on EffectsDatabase

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